about Alex

Alex is a Canadian fibre artist, currently living and working out of Vancouver, BC. She just completed her Bachelor of Art's Degree in English and is about to embark on her Masters of Library Science!

Alex started embroidering in the early Spring of 2015; at first it started as a blend of cross-stitch and embroidery, she quickly realized how much she preferred the free-flow nature of embroidery. Alex is completely self taught and does not adhere to traditional stitching styles or techniques.

 photo credit:  @rcpope

photo credit: @rcpope

In September 2016, she was featured in German Magazine, "Couch" (alongside other talented embroidery artists such as @ffembroidery , @makingjiggy and @sarahkbenning)


In June 2017, she was interviewed for Maker Academy's Podcast, "Made It" - a podcast about building an Instagram business from the ground up! You can listen here.



In the Fall of 2015 she stitched a silly portrait of her kitten, Banjo, and posted it on her Instagram to see if any friends were interested in one of their own. The response was overwhelming and within a couple days she had almost ten commissions. It has now become a great side job and one of her greatest passions! Here is a photo of the original Banjo next to a newly updated one to show just how much can change in a year!