How Long does one portrait take?

6" full size portraits take 12-18 hours and 4" mini portraits take 6-10 hours. 


The prices vary depending on the size and range from $280 - $320 cad.

How Long is the Wait For a Portrait?

Depending on your place in the line, as they are first come first serve, the wait can be anywhere from 1-10 weeks. If you have a special deadline (i.e. birthday, anniversary), don't hesitate to let me know and I can possibly bump you ahead on the list!


how do you transfer the image of the pet onto the cloth?

I simply draw them on a piece of paper and then trace that drawing straight on to the cloth using a light box. 

what kind of materials do you use?

I am currently using plain canvas and DMC embroidery floss. Each portrait also comes secured in a 6" bamboo hoop, included in the cost.


What is your process?

Once you have purchased your pet portrait, I ask that you email me some clear photos of your pet ASAP. Once the payment has been made, then I get to work. I sketch your pets portrait first right onto the cloth and then the stitching begins. The wait time is usually no longer than 2 months.

can I further customize my portrait?

Of course! I am always up for customization. Some people have asked for small additions like a halo for their deceased pets which I can easily do at no extra charge, however, some large customizations may alter the price slightly.



I don't really adhere to conventional stitching techniques, as I am self - ­taught. I make it up as I go along, treating the needle and thread more like ink on paper.


What kind of photos do I send you?

Please email me clear photos of your pet; make sure the photos are as close up and clear as possible ( no flash, no shadows ) and feel free to send as many as you'd like; the more the merrier! And please send them the instant you've placed your order - otherwise, people tend to forget and I'm left badgering you to send them. ;) 


Can I ask you a question?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email stitchkitschgifts@gmail.com, I try to respond within 24 hours.